About Przno

Przno is a small fishing place that joins together the spirit of the old with the modern glamour. The atmosphere of an authentic fishing place with the traditional way of fishing, an air spa – Milocer park full of pine, a 20 minute walk through a cedar forest to Sveti Stefan, the best fish restaurants, cafes with the best cappuccino on the Adriatic, are just a few of our advantages. 

Pržno is linked with Budva by a mini-bus line.
During the season the mini buses run every 15 minutes, and during the semi-season every 30 minutes.
The place avails of: Post office, outpatient service, food market and several other shops and boutiques.
The climate is mild and sunny throughout the entire tourist season, from May to October.

Distance: Budva 7 km; Airport 15 km; Milocer 500m; Sveti Stefan 1 Km; Cetinje 25 Km; Bar 29 Km

Pržno is situated in the most beautiful part of the Budva bay, surrounded by Paštrovski hills and the beautiful Miločers park. The abundant trees and other tropical vegetation fill the air with wonderful smells.

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