History of Przno

Pržno is an old fishing place inhabited since the ancient times.

It owes its present day picturesque and irresistible charm to its history.
There are three cliffs rising in front of the beach itself in Pržno – Kršici, that create a pleasant harbor protected from the waves and strong wind. The largest of them accommodates an old structure.

After World War 2, famous painters gathered and spent their summer vacations in Pržno, such as Marko Čelebonović, Milo Milunović, Vuko Radović, as well as writers who found this beautiful place surrounded by mountains and pine forests an inspiration for their painting and literary works.
Pržno could be called the St Tropez of the Yugoslav impressionism. One of the best known Yugoslav writers retreated to this place and found his peace and inspiration for writing, as Lawrence Durrell on Cyprus.

Until some fifty years ago Pržno has been a place of fishermen and heavy laborers, full of oil groves, figs and pomegranates. Pržno today is also a fishing village that has added to its charm by numerous excellent restaurants and cafes decorated in a fishing style. It has lost nothing of its authenticity, so that you can also meet today famous artists and bohemians, together with the most prominent people from show business, politicians and businessmen.

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